Restricted items

Before sending the shipment, please check whether you are sending prohibited goods.

Not sure about whether your shipment is in accordance with the applicable rules?
Read the complete DHL Express shipping advice or
contact our customer service on +381 11 310 5500.

You cannot send the following via a DHL Express Network:

  • live animals
  • human remains
  • precious metals and stones, semi-precious stones
  • cash
  • weapons, ammunition or explosives
  • explosive / incendiary devices
  • illegal commodities – drugs, counterfeits, ivory, etc.
  • dangerous goods – sprays, toxic substances, caustics, etc.

The sender of a consignment with dangerous goods must comply with all required legal regulations. Failure to do so and endangering the vehicle or aircraft, its passengers or the persons handling the dangerous goods may result in prosecution of the responsible person, i.e. the sender.

DHL courier has the right to reject a shipment if its contents do not comply with the rules or if the size of the packaging material is inappropriate. We notify that certain regional restrictions must be respected – for example, goods may only be sent to the Russian Federation to the address of a legal entity.